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Hurry to play in the latest versions of the game.

LIGHT version of the free version of Dark, you can buy here.

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The game has been available in English, BUT How do I buy the 1st time you can ALWAYS get free copies and the extras make This game is enough :

You have purchased the game and you have to make her a serial key

Dating game then you already are for free for free.

Playing in a climate of horror. Largamento always going to take revenge on smerfach, but has been transformed into blue triplets and are looking for their hats. Then you go to the game and you have to perform the last missions for Gargamel.

The game tells the story of two sisters who - always operate on separate.

The Light version is available only shooter.

Dark version has all the characters to choose from. Knight and Sagittarius.


verDark-great knight.zip 55 MB
Keys.zip 336 bytes
DLC.zip 49 MB
vvarBoot.rar 29 MB
vvarBoot.zip 33 MB