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Minotaur (st. Μινώταυρος Minṓtauros, Latin. Minotaurus) - a figure from Greek mythology.Usually depicted as a man with the head of a bull, but sometimes in the form of a being with the human head and torso, from the waist down to the body of the bull.

He was born from the relationship of Pazyfae, the wife of Minos, and the bull sent by Poseidon. Minos promised to sacrifice the animal, but he did not keep that promise.Poseidon took his revenge, causing Pazyfae to love the bull with a bull.

The menacing Minotaur was closed by the king of Crete Minos in the labyrinth designed by Dedal, which was under the palace at Knossos.

Minos defeated the Athenians and demanded that every 9 years (according to a different version - every year), 7 young men and women were sent to the Minotaur (in one version of the myth as the punishment for the death of Androgeos, the son of Minos). King Teresa, who had the task of killing the monster, came after the third victim. Minos's daughter Ariadna helped him, infatuated with the courage of a young man who, with the help of a ball of thread, made his return from the Labyrinth easier, and the magic sword let him kill the Minotaur. In this way Theseus brought the Athenians alive from the Labyrinth in which he killed the minotaur.

StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date Feb 17, 2018
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsMouse, Joystick


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